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 =?NS_4551-1?Q?Running_multiple_=28or_at_least_two=29_instances?= =?NS_4551-1?Q?_of_FoxPro_2=2E6w_screen?=


In my application, I have one screen that allows the user to pick a
person from the db, and via a second screen, look at this persons
"properties" (like name, birth date, address etc). In this screen, it is
also possible to link this person together with his/her siblings and
parents. To select parents/siblings from the db, I would like to use the
same screen as I used to select the first person (whose relatives I am
now going to select). So far, so good. I run the same screen, and
everything looks fine. Problem is: When I close the second instance of
this screen, and thereafter the "properties" screen, I get an error
message like "Window "qzqw132" is not defined", because the second
instance has released it. Now, I know there are checkboxes where you can
decide wether the screen builder should include window define and
release code, but what I would really like to do is to have two
instances of the same screen running at the same time in separate
windows, and not to run one instance twice in the same window.

To (hopefully) clarify things a little, here's the order that things
happen in my program. (All of these screens are modal screens.)

Main screen
--> "GetPerson" screen is called
--> "Properties" screen is called
--> "GetPerson" screen is called
--> "Parent/Sibling properties" screen is called
--> "Parent/Sibling properties" screen is released
--> "GetPerson" screen is released
--> "Properties" screen is released
--> Error message "Window ????? not defined" occurs.

I have been looking at the Name field in the properties for the screen,
and if I could just find I way to make this a variable instead of a
literal, I think I would be able to solve my problem. I have tried both
macro substitution and the ?ITSEXPRESSION directive with no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Eyvind W. Axelsen

Tue, 08 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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