Mysterious error 1547 on view update 
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 Mysterious error 1547 on view update

Perhaps someone out there can unravel this little mystery...

I have two child tables with nearly identical structures that I wish to
update using views.  The two views I created are each made up of two tables,
the primary table which I update, and another table which is joined to
provide relevant descriptions and sort order, but which is not updated.  All
available fields from the primary table are selected and marked updateable,
while none of the selected fields from the secondary table are marked
updateable.  Note that the two views use entirely different tables, and I am
the only person opening any of these tables.

Now, here's my problem:  When I open view "A" (with Buffering set to 5), I
can do APPEND BLANK, REPLACE fields for the primary table in the view (and
leave all the fields for the non-updateable table blank), and
TABLEUPDATE(.T.,.F.), and everything works fine.  However, when I do the
same sequence on view "B", the TABLEUPDATE returns false, and the AERROR()
command returns error 1547, "Cannot insert an empty row from a view into its
base table(s)".  However, when I open a browse window on the base table
being updated by view "B", the record APPENDed in the view has been APPENDed
in the table, and I can successfully TABLEUPDATE(.T.,.F.) on the base table
itself.  Can anyone explain this?

By the way, I am using VFP 5.0a, and have installed the Visual Studio
Service Pack 2.


Mike Potjer
RANDS Data Systems, Inc.

Tue, 21 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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