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 Network Adapters App

I just posted the latest file in the VFUG.Org Files area called
adcAdapters.Zip -- this one includes an MS Word doc for info on how to use
it as a COM object and more.

This is a VFP 7 EXE that will give you a lot of info about all of the
network adapters in your PC.  You can even save this info to a text file for
later reference.  Info displayed for each adapter includes:

Adapter Name
Adapter description
All IP Addresses
DNS Servers
WINS Servers
DHCP Servers
Host Name
Domain name
If the PC is a Proxy Server
...and much more.

The files are included to let you call this EXE as a COM object from your
own apps -- or just run it as an EXE.  This program was written using 100%

This month's VFUG.Org newsletter (when it ships) will contain the doc plus
the online version will have pictures to give you a better idea of the

Tom O'Hare, President, AFPWeb Dot Com, Inc.
Web, Wireless Web, Database and Systems
407-295-9148 -- http://www.*-*-*.com/
Operations Manager/Virtual FoxPro User Group (VFUG)

President/Central Florida FoxPro User Group (CFFUG)

Sat, 19 Feb 2005 14:07:04 GMT  
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