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 Corrupted views

I'm having an occasional problem with corrupted views.  This is happening in
two different projects.  Both of the views are complex and so I have a
program that creates them, since the View Designer in VFP 7 and prior
couldn't handle complex views.  I don't open them in the View Designer nor
have I tried to change them in any other way, yet they will get corrupted.
This shows itself on the client's computer when they get an error when
trying to save.  Most often this happens after I've updated their table
structures.  I can usually recreate it on my machine (the view seems to get
corrupted here and then when I replace their DBC, the problem is transferred
there).  So I just run the program that builds the view to recreate it and
update their DBC again and they're fine.  The strange part is that I'm not
doing anything to these views, but they come up corrupted anyway.  I've
found corrupted views to be a pretty rare event, but my views haven't been
this complex before (usually just a couple of tables, mabe three).  These
happen to be much more complex with 6 or so tables and 5 or 6 joins.  The
problem only shows itself on these complex views, not the simpler ones.

Anybody have any ideas on this?


Russell Campbell

Sat, 03 Sep 2005 05:14:50 GMT  
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