DDE in Lotus Notes w/ Foxpro as server? 
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 DDE in Lotus Notes w/ Foxpro as server?

I am trying to put together my first Notes app, and need some pointers
on using DDE.  The app I'm making will be forms that are partially
filled from our FoxPro database and then finished by Notes users (and
possibly some of the finished form fields will be extracted back into

I've looked through the Notes manuals and it seems that the DDE
commands are very limited.  There are only commands to initiate,
terminate, poke, and send commands.  I couldn't find any to get
information back from a DDE server (which Foxpro for Windows can be
very well).  Are there more commands that I'm missing?  Basically, I
want to be able to pull specific field values out of FoxPro and use
them to fill the Notes form.  After the form is completed by the user,
I would take some of the user-generated information and put it back
into FoxPro.

The only way I saw to get information from another app into Notes was
via automated cut-and-paste.  This is extremely slow and limited.  Do
you have any suggestions for better ways to do this?

Please respond by email and I will post a summary if requested.

Pete Kruckenberg

Sat, 17 Aug 1996 18:36:13 GMT  
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