Magazine e-index, or, Long long ago... 
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 Magazine e-index, or, Long long ago...

Hi all,

Long long ago, in a galax-- er, well, at least three years ago anyway, from a
source now unknown, I acquired a disk that contained a fairly definitive table
(FoxHelp.DBF-style) in which someone listed keywords and synopses for the past
few years of several leading FoxPro journals, along with a smattering of users
groups, books and other miscellaneous sources of FoxPro help.
Time passed, our company moved to a different office, and I could no longer find
this disk, nor remember what the filename was .. just that it was an acronym.
But it didn't really matter at the time, since the magazines we subscribe to
were putting out their own reference indices in DBF format.
More time passed, and now our FoxPro reference shelf sags under its own weight.
Today during a discussion of hardcoded paths in the DBC, I recalled "Hey, I saw
an article or two about that, several months ago in..." -- at which point all
eyes went to the organized-but-still-vast collection of FoxPro mags that I'd
have to search through to find the articles I'd thought of.  Not a pretty task,
considering that apparently two of the mags we subscribe to have recently
stopped providing their table-based reference indices. *Sigh*
I went through every magazine counter-chronologically, looking for "DBC" and a
few other key words, until I reached the months where VFP wasn't even a topic
yet.  No luck. (Of course.)  I thought to myself, if only I had a central
reference database that was searchable by keyword, author, etc... and then my
thoughts drifted back to that long-since-misplaced big reference guide disk.
I guess my point is this:  I'm wondering if that table is still being updated
somewhere (I think it was included as part of an article in an oooold FoxTalk,
but you probably shouldn't quote me <g>), or if there are similar Big Ol'
Reference Guides being compiled elsewhere, for the purpose of being made
available to the general public...?

Thanks in advance...

-- Bill

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Sun, 09 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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