Frustrated by command line parameters in visual foxpro 5 
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 Frustrated by command line parameters in visual foxpro 5


I would like to call vfox 5 from the command line, with arguments :

 \vfox5\vfp.exe myprog.prg file1 file2 ... etc


 \vfox5\vfp.exe myprog.prg file1 file2 ... etc

Now, this worked with fox 2.6 for dos.  It worked for vfox 3.  It works,
on two machines I tried (properly installed etc), and fails to work on

On my current machine, typing :

 \vfox5\vfp.exe myprog.prg file1 file2

starts vfox, but it totally fails to see the program, ie I'm left at the
command window (i.e. as if I had just typed \vfox5\vfp.exe).  ? pcount()
says 0.

Doing :

 cmd /c myprog.prg file1 file2

*does* run the program, but if you ? pcount() in it, you see 0.

The most frustrating thing about this is that is works on some machines
and not others !!!

Thank in advance for any help,

freddie vander elst (fve c/o phgroup dot com)
Plese answer by mail too - thanks.

Sat, 23 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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