NEED Help to print contents of a RTF-Control in VFP5 (Rich-Text.ocx) 
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 NEED Help to print contents of a RTF-Control in VFP5 (Rich-Text.ocx)

Hi all,

i need haelp to print text i wrote in the richtextcontrol of a form in
VFP5. The hrlp says i need a hDC of a printer to Print it but i dont
know how to get a DEVICE CONTEXT of a Printer. The GetPrinter()
function wont work. So tell me the right way. The Win32Api i have
already searched for a function tha help me out but unsuccessful.

Tell me the right way (without saving the content in a RTF file to
print this)

Thanks in advance.

Udo Dluzinski

Sun, 18 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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