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 ComboBox-Page Fault


Platform: VFP5 with Service Pack 3

On several forms of several applications of several machines I'm
experiencing the following problem.

In the form load I CREATE CURSOR

In the form Init (or load, I've tried both) I fill the cursor with data
extracted from a table according to certain conditions.  (Not deleted, Male
only, etc.)

On the form is a ComboBox.  The only things that have changed from the
original base class are:
    1) Style has been changed to 2 - Dropdown List
    2) RowSourceType has been changed to 2 - Alias
    3) RowSource has been set to the name of my cursor.

The data displays perfectly, but the following is occurring.  At first it
was on one for only, but it is now beginning to appear on other forms as
well, ones which have been running perfectly since July last year.

Wh you click on the combo, one of two things will happen, either it will
display the list the first time, lor it will crash (it will always crash on
the second occurrence).  Windows generates a Page Fault in VFP5.EXE, and the
system shuts down.  This is not sporadic, but is occurring every time.
There is no code in the methods or events, and it is drawn directly off the
base class.  I can even get it to happen on a form with this control alone!

It's causing havoc in the system.

I've consulted Microsoft's TechNet, but they don't have any mention of it.

Am I the only one who'se suffering, and if anyone else out there knows of a
cure, then please PLEASE let me know.

Mon, 28 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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