Rich Text Format / WP style in Fox? 
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 Rich Text Format / WP style in Fox?

             RICH TEXT FORMAT (and/or OTHER WP Style Formats)

Does anyone know of a library or similar that would allow me to implement
Rich Text Format or similar within a Fox memo field (or similar).

I need to be able to:

 - Edit a document and introduce document formatting (bold, underline etc...)
 - Transmit that document (binary transfer) elsewhere
 - Print the document from facilies in fox and/or the library
 - Idealy be able to print the document from most WP software
   (this is where I think RTF could be most useful)

Any other ideas and/or approaches that might get close or provide a partial
solution would be welcome.

(I have a feeling that there are (or should be :-) some 'filters' around that
allow reading/writing?/editing? of common formats such as Word/WordPerfect etc.
Am I wrong?

(If not is anyone out there interested in _writing_ such a library?)

All comments gratefully recieved.

Thanks in advance


 Barry E James                "...but joy is the serious business of Heaven"


Mon, 09 Dec 1996 06:59:57 GMT  
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