Starting an application via the command line vs Run|Application 
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 Starting an application via the command line vs Run|Application

About 5 years ago, I built a FPW2.6 application. Since then, it has
run satisfactorily. But over the last few days, a strange problem has
arisen. The users of the application start the application directly
via the command line (more exactly, the FoxPro icon has the following
target <FPW_pathname>\foxprow.exe <basedir>\
and the StartUp directory is <basedir> (FoxPro is installed onm each
individual machine, but the database files are stored in a network
directory)). This worked fine until a few days ago.

The application contains a simple menu, one item of which allows data
input, another allows reports to be made (both via submenus).

Now when the user attempts to run a report, he/she gets a message of
the form

'Procedure _RYGORXYIG not found'

I've come across such messages before and I found that rebuilding all
generally solved the problem. This time it doesn't.

When the problem was reported to me, I tried to reproduce it, but
without success! Later I realised that *I* had been starting the
application via the Run|Application menuitem. I then tried the same
method on the individual users machines and it seemed to work there as
well. Has anyone else come across this problem? Does anyone have a

Thanks in advance



Mon, 30 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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