Teechart OCX with VFP6.0 (Log scales problems) 
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 Teechart OCX with VFP6.0 (Log scales problems)

Are you Teechart user ?

I'm searching for solution on my problems !!!!
I ave a class(container) with a teechart OCX object and some other objects.
In this techhart (by code ) i fillin this chart and define a logarithmic
with a custom scalelabel ,....
 but in the instance of the class it appear in default scale(in my
form)..... to refresh (repaint in teechart)
i must do a ZoomUndo manualy ......
In the code i can place any thing i want to try to call the repaint event
,.... no effect.
I suppose thas a question of VFP does not return correctly the event to the
form .....

Give me some idea ???

Happy new year to all , and thank you for you help.....

Philippe Van Roy
Power Quality
Disturbances, Metrology & Acoustics Dpt
Laborelec s.c.
rue de Rode,125
B 1630 Linkebeek
Tel:  +32 (2) 382.04.10
Fax: +32 (2) 382.06.49

Laborelec Website : http://www.*-*-*.com/

Mon, 25 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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