Comm libraries and FP 2.5/6 DOS, 2.6/Win 
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 Comm libraries and FP 2.5/6 DOS, 2.6/Win

Hi, all.

I've got a question about comm libraries.  We've been looking at two -- Comm
Tools and Silverware -- and are unsure which to go with.  Comm Tools seems a
bit wunky with DOS memory, but is fine in the Windows version.  Silverware
I'm not so familiar with.  Does anyone have any opinions regarding comm
libraries?  I need a GOOD, STABLE one for both DOS and Windows that uses the
API for settings (there was one that was a loadable BIN that required
setting UART stuff by hand -- we want to use the Control Panel in Windows to
set that stuff!).

-- Gavin

Mon, 24 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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