Errror 1958 - Error loading printer driver 
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 Errror 1958 - Error loading printer driver

    I have "cleaned" all my reports by deleting all code except
"ORIENTATION=1" in the Expr field, and cleared out the Tag and Tag2 fields.
My reports now work fine, print to any selected printer, any paper, etc.
EXCEPT certain reports, which are as related (and unrelated) to each other
as they are to all the other reports generate the error 1958, unable to load
printer driver.  Inspection of the report table confirms the state of Expr,
Tag and Tag2.  I've seen it consistently on a W98 machine, haven't tested it
on others.  Is there any place else VFP hides the default printer info about
reports??  I'm truly baffled!!!


Wed, 26 Feb 2003 01:48:00 GMT  
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