FPW2.6 - printing & print preview - memo fields 
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 FPW2.6 - printing & print preview - memo fields

Hi all,

I had a client with the following scenario.
Multiple machines(varying speeds) running Win95 network.

Table containing transactions with foreign keys into other/lookup tables.  A
SQL-select statement extracts fields and creates a temporary table.  Report
works fine(printing and preview) with fields coming from all tables.  Client
requests a short message field in one of the lookup tables - I implement a
memo field.  Please note that the memo field is not part of the sql-select
statement. (I have verified this !!)  First computer in network fires up
application and can print/preview report. First computer stays in
application but returns back to application menu.  Second computer can
execute sql-select and extract data (verified by suspending and browsing)
but report will not work/print/preview.  Upon previewing - the second
machine/FoxPro hangs.  The application/task must be ended through Win95 task

When memo field is removed from lookup table - report simultaneously works
fine on all machines !

The client is now happy with a character(30) field but I'm puzzled.  I've
searched MS knowledgebase with no success thus far.

Any suggestions (apart from using Visual FoxPro & SQL which we will do next
year) will be gratefully accepted.

Wondering what it is all about,

Michael Ahern
Melbourne, Australia.

Sun, 06 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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