Need help w/ Not a Table/DBF errors 
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 Need help w/ Not a Table/DBF errors

I'm adding some better crash recovery type stuff to an app. that I'm working
on and want to automate recovery from Not a Table/DBF errors. Right now, I've
been having users go to dos and run some fix program (FIXFOXPO I think).  So,
I've got a couple questions.
 1) Can I run a dos .EXE from Foxpro for Windows?  And not have it show up in
a dos screen? What are the commands fort something like that?

2) I vaguely remember reading something on this newsgroup about this, but is
there a way to take care of those errors internally. Can you just delete the
index somehow? Obviously, it would be easier if I could do this fixing stuff
inside the program.

Not related to these questions - what are good ftp sites for Foxpro utils and

Any advice or help would be appreciated.Post here or email. Thanks.

Joe Fix

Wed, 30 Jul 1997 19:16:50 GMT  
 Need help w/ Not a Table/DBF errors
What a coincidence... my friend who is doing {*filter*} programming has
been facing a similar problem... But I thought it has something to do
the database file. Anyway, he is running on FoxPro for Dos V2.5b (I
think it is patched) and the funny thing is that although 3 computers
having the same configuration, housed in the same building, only one
has this problem...

If anyone has any idea why this is so, please help. Thanks.


Sun, 03 Aug 1997 14:23:38 GMT  
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