Updating Form Content prior to a SQLExec or SQLConnect call 
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 Updating Form Content prior to a SQLExec or SQLConnect call

I'm using a VFP 5 application as a client to an Oracle server.  I'm able to get
the data fine from the Oracle source, but have problems posting a "Please Wait"
message before calling it.

For example, here's the code in the Click event of a button (ConnectButton) on
the login screen...

IF !EMPTY(THISFORM.UserName.Value) .AND. !EMPTY(THISFORM.Password.Value)
   THISFORM.ConnectButton.Enabled = .F.
   THISFORM.StatusLine.Value = "Please wait - connecting..."
   gnSQLHandle =
   IF gnSQLHandle > 0
      THISFORM.StatusLine.Value = "Connected"
      THISFORM.StatusLine.Value = "Connection Failed!"
      THISFORM.ConnectButton.Enabled = .T.
   THISFORM.StatusLine.Value = "Missing User Name or Password"

The connection goes through fine.  However, I never see the please wait message
or the ConnectButton disabled.

I even tried putting in a please wait form by adding a DO FORM PleaseWait
command immediately before the SQLConnect.  The window appears, but none of the
objects in the window are shown.

I've even tried putting in a WAIT "Please wait..." WINDOW NOWAIT command.  Even
that doesn't show up.

Because the users don't know that the connect or execute is in progress, they
keep pushing the button thinking it's not working, when in fact it is.

Am I missing something?  Is there a command other than the Refresh method that
I should try?


Mon, 19 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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