Record Locking problems w\Fox 2.5 under NT 
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 Record Locking problems w\Fox 2.5 under NT

        We are running a custom app in FoxPro 2.5, and I am experiencing a
problem that only occurs under NT, not WfW 3.11 or Win 3.1.  
        We have several screens that contain MEMO fields, and when I try to
save the current record (ONLY when the MEMO field is written in), I
get an "out of disk space error" for that particular file.  In debug
mode, the program hits an error when it attempts to "GATHER MEMO
        The app uses Netware Transaction Tracking system, which appears to be
functioning correctly.  
        In trying to isolate the problem, we determined that when exclusive =
ON, the save works, but with exclusive = OFF, the save fails.  We are
using NT 3.51 and Netware 3.11.
        Any assistance, comments would be greatly appreciated.

Doug Hill

Sun, 08 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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