VFP 5.0--textbox control source question 
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 VFP 5.0--textbox control source question


I have a screen with textboxes to edit database fields. I do not wish
the database to remain open during this process. If I issue a scatter
memvar command, the information is not gathered. I was told to reference
the object since the m.textinfo must be out of scope

ie:replace database.textinfo with thisform.pageframe1.page1.m.textinfo

There are too many variables to do this individually. Someone suggested
issuing a scatter name database, but the objects disappear when the
database is closed (m.database.textinfo loses its value). I tried
scattering name to an object:

scatter name M

This seems to work when I scatter and gather manually. The question is,
how do I now reference the textbox control source back to the properties
contained in M? M.Textinfo does not display a value in the box and I get
a message that the object does not exist. If I use the de{*filter*} to show
the value of M, it lists all of the fields from the database:


However, m.textinfo says expression cannot be evaluated. What do I put
in the control source property of the textbox to reference the
information now contained in M?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.



Mon, 04 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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