VFP 5 upsize to SQL Server 7 
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 VFP 5 upsize to SQL Server 7

Can this be done? I've done the following:
Installed SQL Server Desktop edition on my Window 98 PC.
Created the database for my app in SQL Server.
Created a System DSN in ODBC Administrator for SQL Server and my new

When I run the upsizing wizard, it find the DSN as an ODBC data source and
it asks me to log in. After I log in, it gives me the following message:
To upsize to SQL Server 6.x, please install a SQL Server ODBC Driver version
2.05 or later

There are 2 things wrong here:
1. I'm upsizing to SQL Server 7, not 6.x
2. The ODBC administrator shows the SQL Server ODBC driver as version 3.7.

Can this (upsizing VFP 5 to SQL Server 7) be done?

And once it is (even if I have to go to VFP 6, which is do-able), what's the
best way for getting the SQL database and its accompanying info to the
client site? Does the DSN need to be set up on each PC that will be running
this app?


Mon, 22 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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