Html info PLEASE HELP VFP 6.0 
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 Html info PLEASE HELP VFP 6.0

Anyone who can help

In VFP 6.0 is there a way to use report formats as designed in the
Report Designer
to send the output to a .htm file, with an outcome other than just ASCII


the help seems to indicate that we can.

The other way I've looked at is to use SQL to a cursor or a table,
browse and (interactively on the main menu) Save As HTML, but it would
be good to get a heading, grouping and summary etc., which is designed
in the Report Designer.

Also the File pulldown menu is required to be used, which means the
application is halted at a browse window, how can it be coded to just

Thanks in anticipation!

Bill Lennon

Mon, 20 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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