Data environment Table loading problem 
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 Data environment Table loading problem

I created a Class input form to enter data. Used the command buttons from
my old class input form by copying buttons.

Created a form from the newly created class input form.
We I used the new input form I got  ERROR message 1739 - Property setting
will not take effect until data environment reloaded.
Tried removing and then adding offending table but no joy. So I removed
newly created Class input form from Class library and disk.

Now I cannot create an input form from my old class input form without
getting the following ERROR messages
ERROR MESSAGE - No Table is open -
Form lets you Open a table.
When table is selected.
ERROR MESSAGE - File in use -

The DBF() in debug returns the data environment database but it is opening
and closing throughout the forms program.

How can I get my old class back to normal?  All the old input forms created
from the old class input form are working as normal, it is just the newly
created forms that are not working.

Regards Doug Houghton
Galaha, Orphir, Orkney
Tel/fax: 01856 811316

Sat, 25 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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