Trouble with Custom Help in an Application 
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 Trouble with Custom Help in an Application

I'm having trouble with my help system.  I know that I'm creating my
own help database correctly and when I issue a set help to file.dbf,
it then works when I issue a help from the command window.

However, from within my program, I do this and the help window comes up
blank (sometimes) or doesn't come up at all.  I have the helpfilter off and
set help on, also.  I have the F1 key set to help (using ON KEY LABEL F1 HELP)
early on.

I'm using mostly popup menus and browses (and a few user screens) for this
application.  Why is it that my help is not working correctly?  Sometimes
it will even lock up on me.

Any ideas?

Thanks - Herb

Herb Barad      [Signal & Image Processing Laboratory]
                [Electrical Engineering Dept. - Tulane Univ.]

Wed, 18 Sep 1996 02:13:32 GMT  
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