SHARE and Sharing Violation 
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 SHARE and Sharing Violation

I am running FoxPro 2.6 for DOS, Windows 3.1,
DOS 5.0 and a VLM client connected to a Novell 3.12

I run my FoxPro applications in Window's dox boxes.
Recently I purchased Microsoft Office Professional
and installed it on the file server. To use
Office I am forced to load SHARE.EXE before I
run Windows. After loading SHARE, I find that
I get a Sharing Violation message when I try to access the
printer from DOS boxes or FoxPro. For example,

    !copy c:\config.sys prn

    COPY FILE myfile.prn TO PRN

causes a Sharing Violation.

I understand that file and record lockings are
always handled by Novell. Is there a way to run
the Office apps without loading SHARE?

Thanks in Advance.


Tue, 07 Jan 1997 12:43:51 GMT  
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