VFP OLE automation with Word 
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 VFP OLE automation with Word

Office 97 now suppords VBA.  I am having difficulty in obtaining
information on the paramaters that word is expecting in various methods.
For example, if ox is a reference to a word application object,
ox.activeDocument.close() will close the file, but you would have to be
interactive with word because the save changes dialog will appear.  I have
found that I can pass a parameter of .f. and the document will be closed
without the dialog.  However, the help file indicates that there are
several other options available and I don't thing that .t. or .f. would
cover all them.  Does anyone know if there is a header file available, or a
least some documentation that would expose the values expected for these

Thanks in advance.

Gail Cox

Mon, 14 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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