STRTRAN() to fix ASCII: Error 1903: String is too long to fit 
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 STRTRAN() to fix ASCII: Error 1903: String is too long to fit


Platform:  Windows 95, VFP Version 5.0

I've been trying to do a "Search and Replace" in an ASCII text file that
is 150 MB in length.  I've been following the approach documented on
Microsoft's Knowledgebase where I:

1.  Copy the Ascii file into a blank memo field
2.  Use REPLACE <Memofield> WITH STRTRAN(<Memofield>,CHR(26)," ")
attempting to replace any non-printable characters whose ASCII value is
26 with a space.
3.  Copy Memo field back over Ascii file.

I get the error message "String is too long to fit" along with the error
number 1903 when running on the 150 MB file in the Memo field. The
STRTRAN can take a memo field according to the documentation but I'm
wondering if there is an undocumented upper limit.  

I have had problems with other workarounds using SUBSTR(), LEN() and
MLINE() but have finally found something that works.

Anyone know why I am having problems using STRTRAN?  Would like to here


Aaron Ludmer

Sun, 15 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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