Running DOS FOXR.EXE 2.6a in Win95 
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 Running DOS FOXR.EXE 2.6a in Win95

Hello all!

I am running the FoxPro/DOS 2.6a runtime (i.e. FOXR.EXE) in Windows 95 and
am encountering sTrAnGe problems.

For example:

An APP that runs 100% correctly with FoxPro/DOS 2.6a development in
Windows 95 does not run the same with FOXR.EXE. This is the _EXACT_ same
APP file with the exact same data.

The problem does not occur when I shutdown Windows 95 into MS-DOS mode.

When I re-create the APP with some additional "wait window" commands, the
problem disappears and I am able to run with FOXR.

Has anyone found similar problems? Any and all help would be greatly
appreciated. I will continue to experiment and hopefully will have a
solution that I can post for the c.d.x.f community.



Sat, 31 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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