2.6a, NT4.0 and "Network error on drive <network drive>" 
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 2.6a, NT4.0 and "Network error on drive <network drive>"

What I've seen of VFP is quite impressive. Unfortunately here
on site we have applications that are still running on 2.6a.
(SBT Pro 3.0i and Telemagic 2.2)

Aside from all the new abilities we're missing out on, we're stuck
with a serious problem that from what I know has been fixed in VFP.

We get Network error on drive <drivename> errors a lot. Every time
this happens cleanup and recovery has to be done and we are all
numb by the chore. The error occurs on both WFW and WIN95 platforms,
whether NETBEUI is the default protocol or IPX\SPX. As far as I can
tell, the errors a due to the following combination:

Foxpro 2.6
Windows NT 4.0
moderate to heavy network load

Suffice to say, one of these has got to go. So, we are migrating
to RAID 5 and a beefy HP server. Has anyone had to do this to make
their "network error on drive" problem go away?  

Below is a excerpt from MS Knowledge Base. As far as I
know the article is not available anymore. It suggests
disabling a file access optimization. I'm wondering if
anyone has had to do this. I'm against trying such thing if
there is another way to get rid of the errors.

><Picture> PRB: "Error Reading Drive" with Windows NT 3.5 as
>Server Article ID: Q134637 Revision Date: 31-MAR-1996

>The information in this article applies to:

> - Microsoft FoxPro for Windows, version 2.6a


>Users may receive an "Error reading drive <drive name>"
>message, or a "System error: Network error on drive <drive
>name>" message when trying to access a remote file on a
>Windows NT server or a workstation acting as a server.

Here is sample of an error log that I am

"System error: Network error on drive <drivename>"
10/17/96 - 5:00pm
10/18/96 - 12:40pm
10/18/96 - 1:30pm
10/21/96 - 10:56am
10/21/96 - 04:15pm
10/22/96 - 09:07am
10/22/96 - 09:12am
10/22/96 - 09:12am
10/22/96 - 11:32am
10/23/96 - 11:20am
10/23/96 - 03:32pm
10/24/96 - 07:47am
10/25/96 - 10:32am
10/28/96 - 09:20am
10/28/96 - 09:30am
10/28/96 - 10:59am
10/29/96 - 09:57am

As you see, it is way too frequent to be trivial.

If anyone has any ideas or experiences to share on

will be much appreciated.


Sat, 17 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 2.6a, NT4.0 and "Network error on drive <network drive>"

I had a similar error win95 and 2.6a

I'd start up the application (an exe) the machine would {*filter*}.
A big white box with a drive error D:. I could find no reference to the
drive in the program.

If I hit cancel the menu would not show and the application would run. the
heavy reliance on the menu would make the program useless.

I found that the drive was a cdrom drive and then put in a cdrom
Any cd would do. the program would work menu and all.
This is a strange workaround, it would be good to fix it programatically
without the need for a CD.

Steven Finkelman

Sat, 08 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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