Specifying top-level form in formset (VFP 5.0) 
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 Specifying top-level form in formset (VFP 5.0)

I could find nothing related to this subject in the documentation or at the
MS site.

I have four forms, one set as the top-level form in a formset.  Setting the
ShowWindow property for the other three as 1 - In Top-Level Form places
them in the hidden main VFP window at run-time.  (<ChildForm>.Show is
issued from buttons on the top-level form.)  I know I can split each into a
separate form and issue a DO FORM from the active top-level form, but then
what would be the use of the formset?

Setting all the forms' ShowWindow property to 2 - As Top-Level Form works
also, but unnecessarily clutters up the taskbar when all four are visible.

Since the parent is the form active when the child form is activated, is it
possible within a formset to force the top-level form to become active
before the others?

Thanks in advance.
Vern DeHaven

Fri, 21 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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