SQL Server Transactions 
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 SQL Server Transactions

My company is working on its first SQL server application and we are
having a few problems that I am sure others have addressed. So hear goes
my question.

We are using MS VFP 5.0a as the front end and are sending SQL Pass
through statements for beginning tranasction , rollbacks & commit

as follows



We are in the developement phase of the app and when I am in the middle
of a transaction it seems no other developer can gain access to the SQL
server tables I am in the middle of a transaction with, Granted while I
am debugging and stepping through my code the tranaction is "Open/Alive"
for 5 mins or so when in reality at run time it might be only 3-5

Any ideas about how SQL is locking tables,pages etc while a transaction
is in progress or why others would be locking up while I am debuging my
transaction? By locking up I mean the other deveoplers are using VFP
5.0a and it becomes "not responging" and has to be shut down by task
manager. And sometimes the server has to be stoped and restarted in
order for any one to continue.

Jerry Rodgers
DesignMind Inc,
Berkeley, CA

Sat, 09 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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