VFP8 Remote view gotcha 
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 VFP8 Remote view gotcha

In VFP7 creating remote views using a shared connection returned the same
connection handle for each open view and 1 process on MSSQL Server. Now in
VFP8 these shared views are all different connection handles. This creates a
problem with record locking since SQL server considers these separate users
(SPID's). If you query 2 views with the same source table in a SQL
transaction one will block the other. My guess is this was a change to VFP
for the cursor adapter.
?CURSORGETPROP("ConnectHandle","myview1") &&returns 1
?CURSORGETPROP("ConnectHandle","myview2") &&returns 1
?CURSORGETPROP("ConnectHandle","myview1") &&returns 1
?CURSORGETPROP("ConnectHandle","myview2") &&returns 2
It seems this change will break some code.

Mon, 10 Oct 2005 21:47:36 GMT  
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