Having trouble opening a database obtained from GETFILE command 
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 Having trouble opening a database obtained from GETFILE command

Does anybody have a program they would be kind enough to send me that uses
the GETFILE command to prompt for a .DBF to USE?  It seems really simple
to do this, but the program is blowing up with errors saying stuff like
"invalid command".  I am doing something like this:

store sys(1020) to sysinvent
store getfile("F+DB","Please Locate 'Propman.dbf'") to dbfname
store sysinvent+"propman.dbf" to dbfname
use '&DBFNAME'

I THINK something like the above should work...

A second question - We are eventually going to move to Foxpro, IF
we don't convert our Foxbase to some other platform (Oracle, Future BASIC,
C etc..), but I notice that Foxbase seems to crash for no apparent reason -
the Mac locks up and you have to reboot the machine.  This happens on
various Macs, as programmers are developing stuff.  Also, occasionally
happens to users.  I have never seen any other languages on the Mac crash
like Foxbase.  Is this my imagination or is Foxbase 2.01 full of bugs?
I realize that Microsoft is advising everyone to uprgrade their tired, old
machines and upgrade to Foxpro, but that will take time....  Thanks for
any advice on the above questions.

------ Michael Winters               Peace Corps

Wed, 09 Apr 1997 05:05:52 GMT  
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