Reports Continiation and Overflow 
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 Reports Continiation and Overflow

In FoxPro 2.6 I found the following functionality for dealing with overflow.
How is this handled in VFP?

Indicating Details "Continued" Over Page or Column Breaks

If you have stretching fields in a detail band, the detail band could extend
over page or column breaks.  You can include text to indicate when detail
bands are continued on a new page or in a new column:

1 Click on the text tool and type "continued" in the detail band.
2 Double-click the "continued" text object to open the Text dialog.
3 Choose the Print When... check box to open the Print When dialog.
4 In the Print When dialog, choose No in the Print Once Per Band area.
5 Choose the When Detail Overflows to New Page/Column check box.
6 Choose OK until you are returned to the Report Layout window.

When the detail band is continued on another page or in another column,
"continued" is printed.  Otherwise, "continued" is not printed.

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