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JV Software Initiative

The demand for Web developers, and Programmers has not eased.
Moreover, salaries continue to escalate.

Development costs are steep. Schedules are jeopardized by lack of staff.
Heritage systems go un-maintained - Forcing expensive re-development.

So why hire local ?

Why not tap the wealth of computer expertise abroad.

With solid, Western leadership to train, direct, staff, and project manage
your sourcing and cost worries can be over.

I have the Western IT background across many disciplines, and platforms.

I know the local market and expertise levels.

So why beat your head against the wall ?

Let's work together to solve your IT business requirements.

Highly viable areas include;


 legacy system maintenance; C, Foxpro, Clipper, Progress, Access, COBOL

 new systems; VB, VFP, delphi

 conversion of legacy systems


 platform migration


 B2C web sites via WebSphere, i-Commerce, Cold Fusion

 static Web sites






Facts About the Philippines

Salaries are 20% of the USA (top programmer makes USD 1,000 a month)
The peso continues to decline, so actually lowering payroll.

Strongly influenced by American culture.
Strong ties to the USA.
English is widely spoken.
 ( I have worked with people from many countries and in many countries,
   and this can not be under appreciated.
          Differences in language and culture can be large barriers.

High literacy rate.
High university attendance.

When properly motivated, quality and quantity are good.
Infrastructure is satisfactory.

Accessible from Asia, Australia, Canada, and the USA.
4 hours time difference from California (shift work to echo USA schedules
can be arranged)

Crime rate is lower than most US cities.
Yes, there are {*filter*}pings, and rebels.
And the USA has car-jackings, serial rapists, mass {*filter*}ers, etc.
The fact is 99.99% of the people live peacefully.

Entertainment is very good (in case you HAVE to visit).

Yes, traffic is terrible.

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