Error loading: "<error>". (1881) 
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 Error loading: "<error>". (1881)

Error loading: "<error>". (1881)

   I have this error pop up occasionally when I move my app containing a
new form from my development folder into the production folder my
clients use.  The new data entry form has the data file specified in the
data environment. Whenever the client tries to run the form in
production they encounter this error:  "Error loading file - Parent -
record number 4. File access is denied."  Clicking on HELP directs me to
this subject :

"Error loading: "<error>". (1881)"
You have encountered one of the following:

A cursor that is part of a data environment cannot find a table that is
part of a database (.DBC).
You have attempted to set a property to an illegal value through the
An error while attempting to read in a form (.SCX) file.
The actual error text provides more specific information.

   I fixed this problem once before, but was never sure just what I did
to correct the problem.  Here is my list of things that don't work:

1. Reindexing the file.
2. Removing the file from the database container and adding it back

   If anyone has a more detailed description of what this error actually
means and how to fix it, I would love hearing from you.  Thank you.

                                        Tamara K. Coleman
                                        Systems Analyst

Mon, 12 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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