Problems running reports under Novell client32 
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 Problems running reports under Novell client32

Kor Prins,

as far as i know, MSConfig only existed on Win98.
Not 95, NT nor W2K. That may lead to some confusion by Paul.


Kor Prins schrieb:

> To Run MSConfig
> Press Start, select Run, Type MSConfig in the Box and Press Enter

> In The Dialog Box select the StartUp Tab, and find any programms that you
> can see that say Novell etc.
> Also in the NetWork Setting in the Control Panel Make sure your Default Loin
> is not set to Novell Network

> I am a little at a loss as to whyyou think the Novell Client is the problem,
> can you explain that ?

> Kor Prins

> > Sorry, could you give me some more details on how do you disable the
> client?

Sat, 22 Feb 2003 15:33:28 GMT  
 Problems running reports under Novell client32
We had many problems using the Client32 - most of them related to network
I/O, but we did see Windows exceptions when printing. All of these have gone
now that we are using the v3.21 client with the current service pack

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> I am running Novell client32 version service pack 2.
> Whenever I run "do report" with the Novell client loaded I cause some sort
> of memory corruption that ultimately results in an "API caused an
> exception..." when calling the wordnum() function after the report is
> complete.
> A couple of points...
> It doesn't matter what report is run.
> The reports run successfully under 95, 98 and NT
> I am just previewing the report, not printing it.
> It crashes on all computers with the Novell client loaded
> It doesn't matter whether or not I am actually logged on to the network.
> About 5 seconds after the API crash the Novell window's login will pop-up.

> I would appreciate any help on this.

Sun, 23 Feb 2003 00:51:44 GMT  
 Problems running reports under Novell client32
My apologies Surge for making such a stupid assumption. Of course it makes
sense when you think about it - and sure enough - we removed the driver "HP
color lazer jet ver F3.000" and the program works fine. Why is it that the
more money you spend on a printer the less reliable it's interface to

Sat, 22 Feb 2003 13:41:41 GMT  
 Problems running reports under Novell client32
Thanks for all your help, it turned out to be a HP printer driver having a
fit and stuffing up the client32. Thanks, I appreciate your time.

Mon, 24 Feb 2003 05:54:51 GMT  
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