WIN3.1 printing from FoxProW 2.5 
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 WIN3.1 printing from FoxProW 2.5

I am using FoxPro for windows 2.5b and have created a label form that is
designed to print directly to 3.5 X 6 inch fanfold postcards.  The epson
AP3250 ESP/2 print driver for windows 3.1 has a "user defined" page
size.  This is set to match the form (3.5 inch length, 6 inch width) and
tractor feed is selected as the paper source, I would assume that this
would make the form-feeds to line up on the paper.  This doesn't seem to
be the case.  When I do a form preview, it seems to know what size the
print driver has been configured for.  When I print the report, it comes
out one page per 11 inch sheet not one page per postcard.  

Is this a "bug" in the driver or is there a line that I am missing from
my win.ini file that enables this feature of the driver?  Or do I have
to write a filter to modify the data stream to the printer that will set
the correct form size?  Any help would be appreciated.

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Mon, 25 Nov 1996 23:24:34 GMT  
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