Anyone know of a stockroom inventory system? 
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 Anyone know of a stockroom inventory system?

I am trying to locate a FoxPro stockroom inventory system written in FoxPro
(would also consider a system built around 4th Dimension).  Purpose is to
track equipment in a university research department.  The equipment gets
checked out to various projects, and there is a need to keep historical
information as to the dates any given project had equipment check out, as
well as being able to quickly determing where a piece of equipment is located.

I have a fair idea of how to construct such a system, but a) this is not
for my department, b) they don't have a whole lot of money to devote to
developing a custom systems, c) it seems like this some of system should be
pretty much an off-the-shelf item.

The target machine for the system is a Mac.

Many TIAs!

Thu, 27 Feb 1997 04:28:56 GMT  
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