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 Pop Ups with Icons

I would like to create context pop up menus with icons...I don't think we
can do this natively with VFP (that is with icons/bmps, you know with the
look and feel of Office 97)

Does anyone know of an activeX control that can create popups with icons
that works in VFP 6.0?

I'm using ActiveBar... for menus and toolbars and they work OK, and the
Popup Menus -pop up OK, but they don't call the "click" event and so their
pretty worthless.  The makers of ActiveBar say they aren't going to fix this
for VFP...not enough users, etc. so does anyone else know of another ActiveX
control that will do Popups in VFP with icons?

Or does anyone know how to do this natively with VFP (I already know how to
do popups in VFP...I mean with icons like Office 97.)?

Thanks Loads in advance!

Bob Bartel
MarketWare Software

Sat, 18 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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