DBC vs. Free Tables in ODBC 
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 DBC vs. Free Tables in ODBC

I have a client that has some Foxpro tables set up on a server A.  An ODBC
datasoure is set up on workstation B to access these Foxpro tables.  The
speed of the access by workstation B to server A is significantly faster
when the ODBC driver is setup to use a DBC compared to the ODBC driver setup
to use free tables.  The speed comparison was performed on the same server
and workstation against the same Foxpro tables on server A.  The ONLY
difference was the way the ODBC driver accessed the DBF files (DBC vs. Free

As far as I understand, the DBC is just a Foxpro DBF file that "links" the
tables, correct?  Why would the DBC be faster than Free tables?


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Tue, 10 May 2005 10:08:16 GMT  
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