Problems printing reports with paper Orientation set to Landscape 
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 Problems printing reports with paper Orientation set to Landscape


When I'm printing a report from a form with the paper Orientation set to
Landscape, in the Print Preview the output of the  report is correct, but
in the printer part of the report appears like shrunk, with strings that
must appear one next to another but that appears all mixed up. This happens
mainly in the Group Header, Detail Band and  Group Footer.  Also part of
the Page Footer don't appears  in the paper. But if I send the report to
the printer from the toolbar that appears in the Print Preview (the one
that has the options First Page, Previous Page,... ,  Print Report) the
report is printed correctly.
        To do the Print Preview I use the command
                REPORT FORM myreport.frx PREVIEW
        and to send to the printer the command
                REPORT FORM myreport.frx TO PRINTER PROMPT NOCONSOLE    


Mon, 28 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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