VFP 5.0 - Combo box won't sort! 
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 VFP 5.0 - Combo box won't sort!

Hello Mark,

>By the way, where do you live?   Just curious....

curious.... ? You are a little right. CZ is Czech Republic (Europe), maybe you
know Havel, Hasek, Jagr, Lendl, Navratilova, czech beer - Pilsner, Radegast or
Budvar (Budwaiser), radar Tamara (it can see stealth plains).
About 10,000.000 people, but Czech FoxPro DevCon has about 750 visitors this
year - it looks like Fox lear :).

My experiences, upgrades and migrations in FoxPro are FPD 1.02 -> FPD 2.0 -> FPD
2.5 -> FPD 2.6 -> FPW 2.6 -> VFP 3.0 -> actually VFP 5.0a SP3 and VFP 6.0 Beta,
all last 10 years.

PS: My name 'Miroslav' is old, very old Slavic name. It can be translated as
'peace celebrater'. My english friends call me 'Mike'.



Sun, 03 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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