text of TextBox control doesn't scroll !!!! 
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 text of TextBox control doesn't scroll !!!!

I have a critical problem here. In Textbox I need to enter data from RightToLeft
and Right Aligned. This problem arises in Hebrew, Arabic and any other input
that should be entered from right. Theoretically, I should set my default
language in Regional Settings of my computer to Arabic(Saudi Arabia) or Hebrew
and then I set Alignment and RightToLeft property of the Textbox to 1(Right
Align) and .T. Then a lot of problems arise. The most important is that scroll
of text when its length is more than the width of the control is disabled and
the cursor disappears. (Make MaxLength to a some big value so the width of
TextBox has not
enough room to show all of the characters.)

Would you please to test the situation? What property have I forgotten to set?
why does the cursor acts strange? Any missing setting here that I don't know?
I use Win2000, VFP 7.0 SP1

Thanks to pay attention and in advance.


Fri, 05 Aug 2005 18:24:38 GMT  
 text of TextBox control doesn't scroll !!!!
I don't have VFP8. Is there any MSDN subscriber here who have the 8th version so
that to check if there are problems too? I have tested VFP7 SP1 with Win2K
Prof., Win2K Advanced Server and Win XP. But the problem isn't solved there too.


Fri, 05 Aug 2005 20:50:39 GMT  
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