FPW25 Runtime Error in geberated .EXE files. 
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 FPW25 Runtime Error in geberated .EXE files.

I am getting the error 'Memo File Damaged. Proceeding'  when I start an
.EXE that I have created. I did not have this error before and it has
only started since I decided to add an .ICO (icon file) to me screens.
Also I notice that if you minimize a runtime application screen, you
cannot maximize it. If you minimize the Foxpro system screen that the
application runs in, you CAN maximize it again. My application needs to
present a custom logo icon on the minimized screen as opposed to the
Foxpro icon as we run two or more Foxpro apps at one time.

Any help for any or all of the above. A personal reply to me would be

William Prince

Fri, 07 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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