FoxPro 2.6 for DOS, code optimization 
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 FoxPro 2.6 for DOS, code optimization

I am trying to optimize the performance of a system that uses FoxPro 2.6
for DOS.  

For hardware configuration, I used the notes from Michael Brachman's
talk "Configuring Windows and FoxPro for Optimal Performance,"
which he gave at Microsoft Tech-Ed '94.

Microsoft does not have a similar discussion for software efficiency.  
Instead their tech support referred me to three sources:

1. the developer's guide that comes with the product has      
   some notes on optimization (mentioned in earlier postings in this group)
2. FoxBased Advisor, Data Based Advisor, FoxTalk
3. books

They provided a list of books, which was just the file FP25BK.TXT located
in library 1 from FOXFORUM on Compuserve.  This file lists books in three
categories, DOS, Windows and OS Unspecified.  I have not compared it to
the "foxbooks.txt" file (mentioned in an earlier post to this newsgroup,
available from a LISTSERV). I have extracted the titles which MIGHT have
FoxPro 2.6 for DOS optimization sections, and rearranged
them so that newer books appear first within each of the two categories
(They are listed alphabetically by author when date of publication is the
same).  There appear to be several inaccuracies and a duplicate entry, so
if you notice any errors please mention them to me and I will
correct the list.  The books have been numbered (for example, [260]) for
your convenience in refering to a particular title.

Question 1: Does the "Professional" version of FoxPro have ANY
documentation on software optimization that the plain old version does
not have?

Question 2: Are there particular recent articles on FoxPro software
optimization that would be especially useful?

Question 3: Which of the following books has the best software
optimization tips?

Question 4: Is there another source for software optimization tips?
(I have read the FAQ and current postings for this newsgroup).

I will post a summary of my findings, so you can post to this group or
email me.  Thank you for your help.

Charles Evans

Booklist (with numbers for reference) follows.

Books with Operating System Unspecified

[260] 1994    Boyd and Fraser "FoxPro 2.5" SW Publications
[250] 1993.07 Kalman, David "FoxPro 2.5 Developer's Handbook" 2nd ed,
Bantam Books
[240] 1993.07 Liskin, Miriam "PC Magazine Programming FoxPro 2.5" Ziff-Davis
[230] 1993.07 New Riders Editors "FoxPro 2.5: The Professional Reference"
New Riders Pub
[220] 1993.07 Stark, Robin "FoxPro Master Reference" TAB Books
[210] 1993.06 Griver, Yair A. "The FoxPro 2.5 Codebook" Busn One Irwin
[200] 1993.06 Hawkins, John, B. House, and T. Granor "FoxPro 2.5
Programmer's Reference" Que
[190] 1993.04 Slater, Lisa and S. Arnott "Using FoxPro 2.5: Special
Edition" Que
[180] 1993.02 McClanahan, David and Ray Owens "The Complete FoxPro 2.5
Language Reference" Sybex
[170] 1993.01{*filter*}ler, Howard "Programmer's Guide to Developing FoxPro
2.5 Applications" Sybex
[160] 1993.01 Pinter, Les "FoxPro 2.5 Programming" TAB Books
[150] 1993.01 Siegel, Charles "Mastering FoxPro 2.5 Special Edition" Sybex
[140] 1993.01 Spence, Lewis "FoxPro Power Programming Guide &
Accompanying Source Code Disk" Sybex
[130] 1993.01 Stark, Robin, and Satonin, Shelly "FoxPro: The Master
Reference" 3rd ed, TAB Books
[120] 1993.01 Winchell, Jeff (ed.) "FoxPro 2.x: A Developer's Guide" 2nd
ed, M&T Books
[110] 1992.10 Goley, George "Creating FoxPro Applications" Que
[100] 1992.09 Antonvich, Michael and Lance A. Leventhal "Debugging &
Maintaining FoxPro Applications" Slawson Comm

Books for DOS

[70]  1993.08 Chou, George "Understanding FoxPro 2.5: MS-DOS Version" 2nd
ed, Bantam Books
[60]  1993.06 Ricciardi, Sal "Running Microsoft FoxPro for MS-DOS" Microsoft
[50]  1993.03 NRP Staff "Inside FoxPro 2.5 for DOS" New Riders Pub
[40]  1993.02 Catapult Inc. Staff "Microsoft FoxPro 2.5 MS-DOS Step by
Step" Microsoft
[30]  1993.01 Long, Jeb "FoxPro 2.5 for DOS Developer's Guide" Sams
[20]  1992.12 Jones, Edward "FoxPro for DOS 2.5: The Complete Reference"
[10]  1992.11 Jones, Edward "FoxPro for DOS 2.5 Made Easy" Osborne-McGraw

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