LCK divide by zero problem HELP!!! 
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 LCK divide by zero problem HELP!!!

Hello netters,

A few weeks ago I posted a message concerning a problem with the
L(ibrary) C(onstruction) K(it).
I recieved no mail but I am convinced that someone out there must
have stumbled on the same problem.
The problem briefly stated is this :
Whenever I load a library created with the 2.5 LCK version using
the Microsoft suplied DOSC7.MAK nmake make-file (ms c/c++ compiler version 8.00) and hapen to divide a number by zero (e.g. ? 1/0) I get :
Math run-time error M6103 - floating-point error: divide by zero .
This problem only occurs when I am using the normal foxpro 2.5 version and
not when I am using the extended version.

A simple solution seems to use the extended version only.
But we would like to run our foxpro application on a laptop with
no extended memory.

So does anybody out there know how I can stop the math-run-time
error handling to overide that of foxpro's ?

   Please send possible fixes or other bright ideas to:

   or better still post them to this newsgroup so that other users
   can benefit also.

   Thanks in advance,

Fri, 21 Jun 1996 23:48:44 GMT  
 LCK divide by zero problem HELP!!!
The only thing I can think of is that if you know there is going to be
an error and you know where the error is going to be located, then use
an IF-THEN-ELSE statement at that location.

   IF B <> 0
         C = 0

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Mon, 24 Jun 1996 23:46:52 GMT  
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