Having trouble executing a batch using sql pass through 
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 Having trouble executing a batch using sql pass through

I am trying to execute a large batch using the SQL Pass Through
functions connecting to SQL Server 6.5.  Inside the Batch it has it's
own error handling routines, however if sql server reports any type of
error I get no result sets.  To better explain myself, here is some
sample code to show what I am talking about.

m.pcString = " set nocount on " + ;

varchar(255) " + ;
                     " BEGIN TRANSACTION  " +;

'BatchTest' " +;

                     " begin " +;
                     "   rollback transaction " +;

                     " end " +;
                     " else " +;
                     " begin " +;
                     "   commit transaction " +;

                     " end "
cMyCursor = createobject('cursor')
SQLPREPARE(m.pnConnHandle, m.pcString)
i = SQLEXEC(m.pnConnHandle) &&, m.pcString, 'cMyCursor')

If execute the same batch through ISQL, I get a result set even though

and the result set.  However, when this code is ran through VFP, I get
no result sets.  All I get is the error message in the AERROR() array.
Is there a way to get around this behavior, I really need those result
sets for debugging purposes?

Mon, 02 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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