WinFax Add Recipient problem 
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 WinFax Add Recipient problem

I test runt the program in Windows ME, Windows 98, Winfax 10.0, VFP7 SP1, it
work fine.

But if i run in Winfax10.02, Windows XP, VFP7 SP1, then I can't add the
recipient into the recipient list.

Please help,
Thank You

Wed, 31 Aug 2005 15:03:52 GMT  
 WinFax Add Recipient problem
I found the solution from Winfax help file, the coding as below :

USE data\message

 ** This program uses the stock variables
 ** "FaxChan" and "retvar".
 ** NOTE: FoxPro requires you to use different
 ** types of quotation marks, as shown below.
 ** (...'"showsendscreen("0")')
 ** ==================================

 ** Set the WinFax state to CONTROL mode.
 FaxChan = DDEInitiate("FAXMNG32","CONTROL")

 ** Take the modem offline.

 ** Set the WinFax state to TRANSMIT mode.
 FaxChan = DDEInitiate("FAXMNG32","TRANSMIT")

 ** Set up the fax including attachments and
 ** cover pages.
 ** setcoverpage


 **retvar=DDEPoke(FaxChan,"sendfax", 'attach("C:\WINFAX\DATA\1605002.FXR")')
 *retvar=DDEPoke(FaxChan,"sendfax", 'attach("C:\LAI.DOC")')

 ** Set up the recipient information.
 ** NOTE: Recipient data is sensitive
 ** to position and to separators. However,
 ** you do not need to enter parameters after

 ** the last required one.

/95","Bob Dobbs","Delta Creations","Annual Budget","Budget","20321","Fax")')

 ** Set the fax resolution.

 ** or

 ** Turn the modem back on.

 ** Use this line to bypass the WinFax PRO Send dialog.
 ** Change the "0" to "1" to show the Send
 ** dialog (this forces a "manual" send).

USE data\cust
REPORT FORM reports\fax TO printer NOCONSOLE
 ** Send the fax.
* retvar=DDEPoke(FaxChan,"sendfax","SendFaxUI")

 ** Close the DDE channel to release
 ** the resource.

Sat, 03 Sep 2005 14:20:27 GMT  
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