newbie question, FP 2.5 D 
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 newbie question, FP 2.5 D

AD>I have a database with 2 fields: name char 10; num numeric 2
AD>in some of the num fields I have a number, some a zero and some
AD>blank. EX: Mike 0
AD>    Steve
AD>    Ralph 10
AD>    Debbie 0
AD>    Mark  19

AD>When I set a filter like SET FILT TO empty(num)
AD>I get all records with no data in them AS WELL AS those with a zero

AD>When I set a filter like SET FILT TO num=0
AD>I get the same list.

AD>Is there a way in an already existing database to distinquish between
AD>no  data fields and zero fields?


ISBLANK() return .t. if data has not been entered in a field.


will set the filter to only those records for which no number has been
entered (0 is considered a number).  ISBLANK() also works for character

You can return a field to the blank state by using the BLANK command.


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