foxw2600.esl parameters? 
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 foxw2600.esl parameters?

*** Are there any parameters to start an application by running

Here's the whole story:
We have a old FoxPro application that we need to run from within another
program. We use a special application that launches our foxpro app and
waits in the background until it's finished, and then returns to our main
The problem is that our executable seems to call another executable, so the
small launcher application thinks that the FoxPro app is finished.

I didn't program the FoxPro app and can't find any documentation here. But
I saw the foxw2600.esl file, renamed it to an .exe file and it runs, but it
comes up with an error message "bad command or file name". So I'm thinking
whether I might run this file and pass it the name of my executable as a
parameter in order for my launcher to work.

So any infos on foxw2600.esl would be highly appreciated!!

-- Martin

Mon, 02 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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